Waldorf Wedding full of Chicago Glamour

They say ‘when you know, you know.’They also say ‘when you least expect it, love will find you.’ I’m not entirely sure who ‘they’ are but they must be right because the love we had the honor to captured recently is a testament to these promising prose. In a world of online dating, blind dates and other seemingly less than assured ways to meet ‘the one’, these two first laid eyes on each other with no internet connection, having been ‘set up’ or even a matchmaker in site. It was a chance crossing of paths that lead them to one another and seeing them together can inspire hope in even the biggest skeptics of love. These two may not have expected to meet one another but by the looks of it, it’s certainly a great thing that they have!

When we first met H + S, it was so apparent how much care and thought went into their partnership. And not just the typical stuff like holding doors and sweet words of praise…yes that ,too! And also how both of them together treat the people around them; she gracefully kind and he considerately tenderhearted, they really are match made in heaven. Our RP engagement shoot was designed around their sophisticated style and daily habits, their favorite environments -their living room with family and nearby neighborhoods -Chicago’s gorgeous lakefront and museum campus.  One remarkable consistency in both our first photo shoot and their wedding day imagery is how endearingly he looks at her…ALL. THE TIME! 

Fast forward the tape a handful of months later and we get the chance to see our sweet love birds again, this time even more elated to be in each other’s company and with line up of A++ wedding professionals from the city they both love so much to make their big day sparkle. The Rose Photo Team found ourselves at the always stunning and classic Waldorf Astoria in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood. The attention to detail in the evening’s planning was just as considerate as our groom and as glamorous as our bride.  Marquette Avenue Events pulled out all the stops to organize the stunning details perfectly placed by Fragrant Design and coordinate the sweet beats of Okyne Media Lab as guests enjoyed an authentic hookah experience from Hookah Chi. Our gorgeous bride and her sweet family where made to look wedding day ready by the artistic graces of Hair by Jaun Jose and make up by Julia Simone . With love so big and gorgeous style abound, it’s no wonder that both H+S both wore smiles from ear to ear all night long! Oh and don’t forget the quick stop before ceremony at Hermes , our bride’s fave stop on Oak Street!!

To the ‘they sayers’ everywhere, thanks for guiding H + S to our team so we could perfectly capture their very graceful and oh so glam love story. We love a good reason to get dressed up and the style these two bring to the table of love is really quite inspiring. As true believers in real love and good fashion, there is hope for us all!


Rose + Co

Special Delivery: Your Photos

We photograph story for a living. What we love about our work is the connection we have with our clients. It’s exciting to grow relationships and often remain dear friends over the years of working together. A lessoned learned early in life: 'Always add a personal touch. Everyone loves to get a letter'. We like to include a written note with all our deliverables and even take it a step further to share in this blog a little about each story we have the privilege to tell. You know all our snail mail packages include a super cute card, sent with extra love, too! 

When it comes to file storage, there are as many options available as we have photographs to keep organized for our wonderful client base. Print deadlines for our editorial and commercial projects are fast and weddings happen pretty much weekly for our bustling photo studio. It’s an absolute must to be equipped with pro-tools at our finger tips that function at the speed of light and are ready to move around the studio from desktop to laptop and eventually to our clients in a seamless and user friendly way. The speed of processing and quantity of imagery that can be stored are the go to qualifiers for choosing which type of external or cloud storage we will purchase.

The best tool we have found for moving files, be it around the studio or in a hand crafted, Etsy inspired package, mailed directly to our clients door for their personal storage, is by using a trusted and speedy zip drive. Our favorite company to order this travel savvy drive is USB Direct. We were even able to customize our order with the Rose Photo logo on the sleek and compact drive case. It's very helpful to have a high speed drive that not only looks good but that can also store loads of high resolution files and be quickly stashed in your laptop case or packaged nicely with a hand written note to send for special delivery! 

Whilst we love to move files around the world at lightening speed, we also love an archival print. Digital is great but hard copies are real things you can hold. Our go to, online tool we use for all our client proofing and archival printing is CloudSpot. We absolutely love the format, it's incredibly user friendly and our clients love it, too! The cloud back up can be easily accessed by anyone from anywhere. The gallery share can go directly to client or on social media. The best part of it all is that the private client gallery is connected to our favorite print lab, White House Custom Colour. It's so easy to view photos online from desktop or smartphone and order archival prints directly to your doorstep! On top of that, we have a super secure, online back up of our professionally edited photo catalogues; all the birds, one stone.

Regardless of how many photos you need to store or how you choose to interact with your imagery - digitally or in print - it is imperative to have a solid way to move your photos, store them safely and access them quickly. We cannot stress enough the good practice of backing everything up a few times. Whilst our fave USB company makes a very trustworthy device and a reliable, cloud supported platform also backs up our own back up, you can never be too safe. Our clients trust our professional process, from capture through post production and onto file and print delivery.

We hope this ‘info-taiment' was helpful and that you go back up your files right away :)


Rose + Co

confetti + cake at The Chicago Athletic Association

 When the RP team first learned of Brittany + Hunter, we were told by the bubbly bride about how the two lovebirds met online and courted long distance.  Often skeptical of the online dating world, we quickly were impressed with the couple's success story and their dedication to each other's budding relationship. As we grew to know the two of them through many phone chats, email threads, and finally when we traveled to their sweet Kalamazoo, Michigan home, it was visibly apparent that these two are made for each other. We started capturing their love story as engaged sweethearts, settling into their first home together, complete with kittens and throw pillows! The RP take on engagement shoots is to capture couples in real life as much possible, skipping the overly posed and unnatural. We want to show you, with a zoom in on the authentic 'Day in the Life'... kitties included!! Brittany + Hunter chose to use the backdrop of their quaint, ranch-style house and showed our photographer, Hannah, their favorite local spot in downtown Kalamazoo, Bell's Brewery. After that it was time to dress up and make it official! We met the soon-to-be-newlyweds at the Chicago Athletic Association on a perfect summer day. We don't need to go far to locate stunning backgrounds for all our photo ops. In fact, Brittany was so excited about her historic wedding venue that she and Hunter asked that all of their wedding photos be taken inside the architectural gem that is the CAA. Well familiar to this incredible Mag Mile locale, the RP team planned for a few perfectly timed and expertly placed portraits. We couldn't pass up all the details of the vintage wood molding, Italian tiles and stained glass that tell a story of Chicago's rich history. To say this is one of our favorite places to work whilst photographing weddings in Chicago's Loop is an understatement!

Downtown certainly has a number of incredibly inspiring landmarks and picture-perfect ballrooms, but CAA's old-school glam along, with the newly restored original architecture and visionary design by Henry Ives Cobb really shows off the intended glory of 12 S. Michigan Avenue. The building is part of the Historic Michigan Boulevard District, which was designated a Chicago landmark in 2002. Did you know the previous stewards of the building once hid those amazing sconces in the White City Ballroom with foam drop ceilings and covered that incredible tile floor with carpet?? Oh, the 80's and 90's!!! The renovation in late 2012 brought this stunning space back to its true form and we are so grateful to be resident photographers there!! 

Brittany + Hunter were absolutely wonderful to photograph on their wedding day. We couldn't help but feel the excitement from every person who was part of the celebration and our team of 3 storytellers with cameras were set to capture every grin, giggle and hug. Their friends and families watched as these two dear hearts vowed to always put their love first. There were tears, there were lots of laughs and there was so much confetti...but only following the second line from the Madison Ballroom to that perfect White City, exposed sconces and all!  Our New Orleans raised groom turned Chicago Cubs fan waltzed arm in arm with his new wife into their wedding reception. What a reception it was! Cake and confetti!!! Did I mention the confetti ?? It danced on that Italian tile along with the entire wedding party as they moved in unison to their expertly choreographed group number, enticing pretty much every guest to join them on the freshly opened dance floor. And should you need a quick sugar fix, not a worry because backing the cake cutting was a doughnut wall, folks! YEP...a wall of doughnuts. No detail of celebratory magic was left unimagined by sweet Britt.  So much so, we felt the need to pen a blog about it...sometimes a little confetti ( or A LOT) goes a long way!!

Brittany + Hunter thank you so much for having the RP team document your love story. We may still be reeling from the extra doughnut love you sent us home with and also finding small remnants of confetti in our gear bags but we couldn't have been happier to be a part of your big day. And if you need a stand-in on that group number, you know where you can find us!!


Rose + Co 

Be my Valentine, Asheville !!!!

Timing is everything! When it comes to chasing love, light, and the perfect shot, if you are off by a moment, you just might miss it. The best light is said to be just before the sun rises and again later in the day before it sets. Whilst we can set alarms for this tempo, we aren't always as lucky in love...until we are! Put those two magical elements of picture-perfect together and voila, you've got yourself a lovely Valentine's Day set of imagery that certainly makes me swoon. Wait, wait.... don't scroll down just yet! I swear there are a few more juicy love letters for your soul here, too.

Admittedly, I chase all of the aforementioned gems of life endlessly but until you are sitting amidst the optimal light, in true love, and with the perfect capture, the search seems unending. With that sappy snapshot into my soul, you can guess it was to my heart's delight to have a second opportunity to photograph this beautiful couple, on top of a mountain in the Blue Ridge, during the best twilight ever, and just as the perfect pink cloud floated above them. Not only was this set photographed with the softest light I'd ever seen in the WNC region but it made for this really ethereal and dreamy backdrop. I wish I could say I perfectly planned that but honestly, as our entire crew was racing up the Blue Ridge Parkway, I half thought we were missing that short window of the golden hour; as it seemed to blur by as we safely sped around those tight curves! Finally, we'd parked, set up and captured the bulk of our imagery when the good light shifted to even better. I mean, isn't that just the best when something good gets even better!?!?! I live for this stuff, I swear!

A wonderful friend who has recently become an even better partner in creating photographic magic with me couldn't agree more. Our combined effort in making imagery with intention is not just based in telling an authentic story but also in seeing our subjects as truly as they see their love for one another. A note from my friend, the stylist: 

'Working with Kyrie and Richard, on top of this gorgeous mountain with this stunning view, was like watching love unfold and burst right before your eyes. After joining me in a chance to dig into the depth of their connection to one another prior to this shoot, they took this opportunity to document, to demonstrate their love in a way the camera could catch the very essence of their affection. Richard gazes at Kyrie with unwavering love as Kyrie beams back at him with fierce passion and infinite acceptance. What a beautiful thing to witness. I thank them for the chance to guide and to journey with them through this day. 

The love that Kyrie + Richard share is certainly palpable. If this shoot had been shot on film,  you'd most certainly want to lick these negatives, I promise! The light in that early evening on the tall hills of Asheville was perfectly pink and definitely the most delightful sunset I've seen in a while. Judge for yourself on the captures as I'm pretty biased, but I think this set is the sweetest we've shared all year!!


Rose + Co 

DWNTWN Brooklyn Wedding: Pony up for the best ride of your life

When life gives you lemons, you add vodka...errr make lemonade, right? And most certainly I have had my fair share of lemons come my way but where would I be without the trials to feel my triumphs??  As I sit here typing various thoughts of thanks and praise for our recent couple this past weekend in NYC, nestled in one of  Brooklyn's most vibrant neighborhoods, Dumbo, I can't help but think of all the lessons learned on that snowy day.  It began with the grace Stacey had throughout her wedding day and ended with the giant bear hugs Brandon gave me at the end of the night. The morning started with a cool 3-4 inches of snowfall before noon and that was just the weather! A number of other physical challenges made for a trying day, to say the least, but thankfully Stacey's partner in crime, ride or die best guy and one of my first 'real artist' friends from way back was 110%. In fact, Brandon is extra dialed into the creative tempo that is downtown Brooklyn AND totally on point with knowing what his lady needs. So with 'Bracey Standon'  as my official hosts for my first NYC wedding, I was more than happy to be there through thick + thin and, incidentally, pony up!

The wedding crew kept cozy in our shuttled sleigh that sloshed us around the cobblestone streets, between the usually colorful walls of Dumbo that were now covered in a thick coat of white dust. Wedding heels where replaced by snow boots and stylish fur was absolutely utilitarian. Making our way to plan C for first look photos, I was thrilled to discover the perfectly filtered light in the temporary snow globe that filled the winter home of Jane's Carousel. Soft but echoing giggles from passing by ponies lightened the mood even more and we'd suddenly flipped the script for a second time that day. After a short line and a lovely spin on the merry go round overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge, these two lovebirds made their way onto the wedding ceremony at an old synagogue turned wedding venue on downtown Brooklyn's bustling Atlantic Avenue. You enter Deity Events through its gilded gates and travel up and down a series of stairways leading to the varying levels of wedding celebration. I always joke that I never have the same work day twice and here was just another awesome example of yet another interesting 'work space'; truly storytelling never gets old when the story you learn to tell is never the same.

Creatives create, teachers teach and the show must go on! All old adages are rooted in their own form and let me tell you, we got real real on this wedding day.  This groom's creations inspire so many friendships, mentorships and now the best partnership of his life, his wife.  This bride's lessons offered with kindness and calm will be noted in my life's little book for a long time. Brandon, thank you for introducing me to your new family, for trusting me to make art for you and for being 110%. Stacey,  you are a queen of queens, kinder than kind and beautiful in every way. To you both, I cannot wait to ride that carousel again down the road, in the years to come, capturing even more of your love story! 


Rose + Co